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April 2, 2024




Information Technology

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Founded in 2016, TUS Solution LLC stands as Mongolia's sole provider of system engineering services. With a focus on systematic and logical thinking, the company introduces its flagship offering, the "TUS DX Core service," aimed at resolving various organizational challenges. Employing a diagnostic approach, TUS Solution analyzes and diagnoses the state of organizations, ensuring normal and healthy operations. Moving beyond analysis, TUS Solution actively identifies and implements effective solutions, fostering the development of organizations capable of realizing their goals. 

In 2021, the company initiated the TUSS D+ program, extending accessibility to its transformative services and is committed to redefining system engineering services, aiming to bring efficiency and excellence to organizations within Mongolia and beyond. The company operates with a vision of facilitating operational excellence and innovation for its clients.

A leading company in providing systems and knowledge engineering services.

Customers, employees and shareholders create mutual value.

1. Organized mind
2. Creative activity
3. Discipline

List of main products and services

1. TUSS D+ digital platform

2. TUS DX Core service

Bayangol district, Amarsanaa street, Colorado business center, 308

Bayartsengel Batsaikhan