With every venture, we pledge to deliver innovative solutions that pave the way for a resilient and prosperous future. Rooted in a philosophy that every detail matters, we craft our approach to mirror the precision of system engineering, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability is reflected not just in what we build, but in how we think, plan, and execute

The Gund's compass of operation

Core Philosophy

At Gund Investment, our foundational approach is anchored in the timeless principles derived from Manfred Max Neef's seminal work on fundamental human needs. This framework informs the collective aspirations and objectives that unite all our stakeholders, shaping a goal that transcends the temporal and resonates at the core of our shared human experience.

Unlike Maslow's hierarchical model, which presumes a progression from basic to self-actualization needs, Max-Neef's taxonomy operates on the principle of simultaneity.

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In the realm of systems thinking and system engineering, the harmonization of elements creates more than the sum of their parts — a synergy where the collective outcome exceeds individual contributions. This concept is often encapsulated by the equation 1+1=3.

Embracing this philosophy, we recognize that when stakeholders — the integral components of our system — align their interests, they can generate synergistic outcomes. It is this convergence of shared objectives and collaborative spirit that shapes our mission.

Therefore, we have defined our shared mission as follows: "Customer, Employee Shareholder to create mutually beneficial value".

To implement our mission, we identified key functions that defines our operation, and one key property/characteristic we strive to constitute.
- Investing in Business capable of creating accessible value to the society

Key Property: 
- To be a progressive company

Profound Solution

At Gund Investment, we are committed to delivering profound solutions that transcend conventional wisdom. Our approach is to establish rules, bylaws, and workflows that not only facilitate operational efficiency but also foster a culture of synergy and alignment among our stakeholders. This strategic coherence ensures that our collective actions propel us towards shared goals, embodying the innovation that defines our company.

Adaptable mindset

In recognition of the rapid evolution of the business landscape, Gund Investment embraces an adaptable mindset as a fundamental tenet. We understand that legacy management practices must evolve to stay relevant in the 21st century. This paradigm shift begins with nurturing a culture that is receptive to change, encouraging flexibility and fostering a forward-thinking attitude among our team and stakeholders.

Value generating stakeholders

Our stakeholders are the cornerstone of our operations at Gund Investment. We believe in empowering each member to be a value generator, contributing to a robust ecosystem where innovation, collaboration, and shared success are the norm. By aligning our stakeholders' pursuits with the company's objectives, we ensure that every interaction and transaction amplifies our collective strength and market position.

Environment friendly policy

Gund Investment is deeply committed to environmental stewardship. Our environmentally friendly policies reflect a dedication to sustainable practices and a responsibility to the planet. We strive to implement eco-conscious strategies in all facets of our business, from resource management to investment decisions, ensuring that our growth is in harmony with environmental sustainability.

Based on the most of the commonly accepted axioms in systems thinking practice, we identified the following 5 principles to adhere in any social system, including our business.
1. Adhere to shared goal
2. Attend to your duties to benefit from the shared goal
3. Distribute accessible information
4. Base on facts and evidence
5. Continuously improve

Goal enforcement mandatory integrated axioms

A social system such as business consists of subsystems and their interrelation. We propose that their interrelations must be supported by the following 5 axioms. This axioms serve as the foundation for our operation's framework.

There must be commonly shared goal for the existence of a social system;

There must be aligned duties to enforce goal implementation;

There must be inclusive information flow that generates quality data;

There must be unbiased, verifiable criteria for measurement of performance and its results;

There must be continuous feedback.

Model of our operation

Based on our management philosophy and the axioms of a social system, the following model represents Gund Investment's operation as a whole.

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