A strong foundation​

Gund Investment LLC prioritizes its dedication to responsible business practices, sustainable growth, and active community engagement. These endeavors have played a role in establishing the company's reputable position within the investment industry.

Daco LLC established​

Gund Investment's esteemed Chairman, Mr. Jargalsaikhan, co-founded DACO LLC alongside a visionary group of associates. This marked the inception of an enterprise that would later evolve into the multifaceted Gund Investment we know today.

The Advent of Mine Info LLC​

In a strategic move to diversify its portfolio, Mr.Jargalsaikhan founded Mine Info LLC, thereby marking its foray into the global mining sector. This establishment served as a catalyst for international collaborations, further solidifying the company's footprint in the mining industry.

Mining Consultancy​

In 1997, Mine Info LLC expanded its scope of services to offer specialized consultancy for international mining corporations operating in Mongolia. This initiative underscored the company's expertise and commitment to being a leading solutions provider in the Mongolian mining landscape.

The Introduction of Discover Mongolia​

In a groundbreaking initiative, Mr.Jargalsaikhan established "Discover Mongolia," an annual international forum designed to attract and engage mining investors. This recurring event has since become a cornerstone in Mongolia's mining sector, facilitating invaluable connections and discussions among global stakeholders.

Diversification into Mining Equipment​

To broaden its operational capabilities, the company ventured into the importation of industrial mining equipment. This diversification not only enhanced the company's product offerings but also fortified its position as a comprehensive solutions provider in the mining sector.

Propety Investment​

In a strategic move to diversify their portfolio, Chairman Jargalsaikhan and his group of associates ventured into the property industry. This marked a significant milestone, broadening the scope of their business endeavors and solidifying their reputation as versatile and forward-thinking investors.

Formation of Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH)​

In a pivotal move to streamline corporate governance and foster synergies among the diversified portfolio, Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH) was established. This strategic initiative served to unify the various business ventures under a single, cohesive management structure.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Real Estate​

In a concerted effort to further diversify its holdings, Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH) made significant investments in an energy-efficient building materials plant and an oil-refining project. Additionally, the company bolstered its presence in the real estate sector, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable development and asset diversification.

Colorado Business Center​

Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH) completed the construction of the Colorado Business Center. This facility now serves as the principal office for Gund Investment, epitomizing the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Formation of Reach Point​

Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH) established a joint venture dedicated to property management services. This partnership further diversified the company's portfolio while enhancing its capabilities in the real estate sector.

Global Partnership in Mining​

In a momentous move that underscored its global ambitions, Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH) entered into a joint venture with one of the world's leading mining companies. This strategic alliance expanded the company's global footprint.

Chairman Jargalsaikhan Joins the Asia Business Council​

In a significant endorsement of his leadership and vision, Chairman Jargalsaikhan was inducted into the prestigious Asia Business Council. This membership further elevated the profile of Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH) and solidified its standing in the Asian business community.

Launch of Environmental Initiatives in Cambodia and Indonesia​

In a commitment to global sustainability, Mongolian Investment Holding (MIH) initiated pilot projects aimed at combating desertification and addressing drinking water pollution in Cambodia and Indonesia. These pioneering efforts underscore the company's dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility on an international scale.

Corporate Restructuring and the Birth of Gund Investment LLC​

To optimize its organizational structure, "MIH" Group LLC underwent a comprehensive restructuring process. This pivotal transformation culminated in the establishment of "Gund Investment" LLC, marking a new chapter in the company's evolution and setting the stage for future growth.

Advancing Social System Engineering with TUS Solutions LLC​

In a groundbreaking initiative, Gund Investment established "TUS Solutions" LLC, the first enterprise in Mongolia to offer services based on system engineering pratices. This innovative venture has since been instrumental in implementing system solutions across the entire holding, further enhancing operational efficiency and strategic alignment.

Fostering Innovation through Socratus Studio​

In a strategic update to its investment policy, Gund Investment LLC founded "Socratus Startup Studio" LLC, a dedicated platform for startup business incubation services. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship, further diversifying its investment portfolio.

Knowledge Sharing Center at Shangri-La Office​

In a move to enhance customer engagement and promote its corporate ethos, Gund Investment LLC established the "Knowledge Sharing Center" within its Shangri-La office premises. This center serves as a hub for bringing the services of its invested companies closer to customers, while also fostering a culture of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Employee Stock Ownership and Investment in Sports Industry​

To align employee interests with corporate goals, Gund Investment LLC initiated a stock ownership program for employees across all its subsidiaries. Concurrently, the company expanded its investment portfolio by venturing into the sports industry, marking another milestone in its diversified investment strategy.

Strategic Partnership with Ulaanbaatar Investment Management UCC LLC​

In a significant move to bolster its collaborative efforts, Gund Investment LLC entered into a Memorandum of Cooperation with City-owned Ulaanbaatar Investment Management UCC LLC. This formal agreement serves as a cornerstone for future joint ventures and underscores the company's commitment to fostering strategic alliances.

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