Socratus Start-Up Studio
February 7, 2024





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Socratus Studio LLC is a specialized organization renowned for its commitment to fostering innovation in the start-up ecosystem. With a strong foundation in systems engineering, the company empowers start-ups to transform into thriving, self-sustaining businesses. Their comprehensive suite of services encompasses the development of tailored solutions aimed at addressing the core challenges that often lead to start-up failures. 

Socratus Studio provides strategic guidance, assists in securing vital financing, contributes to product and service development, facilitates initial market entry investments, and establishes invaluable international partnerships.  At its core, Socratus Studio is dedicated to propelling start-ups towards enduring success. Their primary product offerings include the 'istepUp' and 'bizstepUp' programs, both designed to incubate and elevate emerging startups to new heights.

To create value by generating a well-functioning, organic business system by jointly nurturing start-ups

Customers, employees and shareholders create mutual value.

1. Management - based on valid information, strict discipline is a basis of success
2. Initiative - continually seeking and initiating problem solution is an incentive of success
3. Human resource - skilled human resource with common mission is a key to success

List of main products and services

1. Startup incubating istepUp

2. Startup incubating bizstepUp program

207 Colorado Business Center, Amarsanaa St, Bayangol district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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