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Property Management

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Founded on December 28th, 2009, Reach Point LLC operates under the guidance of system engineering principles with a primary focus on providing high-quality real estate management services. The company is dedicated to offering dependable and efficient solutions aimed at enhancing the value of property assets for owners, while simultaneously ensuring secure and comfortable living and working environments for tenants. At the core of their service portfolio is the Tenuun service, which encompasses a comprehensive range of offerings, including property typology inspections, expert repair and maintenance services, effective cleaning solutions, reliable security services, streamlined usage payment arrangements, user-centric self-control services, and innovative property value enhancement solutions.

The company's commitment is to elevate the real estate management experience, adding tangible value to property owners' investments while prioritizing tenant satisfaction and well-being.

To be a company with a sustainable growth by making safe and comfortable environment for customers using systemized property management model.

Customers, employees and shareholders create mutual value.

1. A safe and comfortable environment through 'Tenuun' services
2. Enhanced productivity through intellectual property
3. Mutual value creation with stakeholders
4. Goal achievement through thoughtful brainwork

List of main products and services

Tenuun service:

1. Fundamental property typology inspection

2. Repair and maintenance services

3. Cleaning services

4. Security services

5. Arranging usage payment services

6. User self-management services

7. Property value enhancing solution services

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