Good governance

The "Gund Investment" LLC implements good governance through TUSSolution's methodology of monitoring and diagnosing to its subsidiaries and provides strategic direction for their management.

The guiding principle of "Gund Investment" is to deliver mutually beneficial value proposition for every stakeholder. We believe it is possible through the guidance of executive management, professionalism in each transaction, and prioritizing the development of employee skills and knowledge by implementing systematic thinking concept and considering environmentally friendly innovative solutions, products and services.

Talent management policy

Continued diversification and a widening scope of activities have resulted in MIH expanding its team and focusing on attracting only the most skilled and talented individuals that can support various parts of the Group. To achieve this goal Gund's talent management department delivers transparency, fairness and openness of policies, the allocation of individuals to appropriate positions, timely action, and proper remuneration, all within a conducive working environment.

"Gund Investment" has been encouraging its employees to learn-to-learn through developing its policies based on the science of logic, psychology and system engineering. To effectively implement our newly adapted strategies, we are digitalizing our business processes by using innovative technology solutions such as loT, Bl, and Al.

Investment policy

"Gund Investment" LLC has renewed its investment policy after restructuring from "MIH Group." Since 2016 "Gund Investment" has been implementing system theory, the science of logic and psychology into its operation in various ways and it has shown to be effective ever since. Hence "Gund Investment" decided to apply above mentioned scientifically and practically proven concepts into its investment policy.

While we try to make our operation more efficient, we also thrive on being more sustainable compared to other companies. Our team believes that sustainability can be achieved by abiding the following principles:

  • Investments must be focusing on knowledge-based businesses which its service/product offers to satisfy specific human needs.
  • Investments must have long term organic growth potential, which can benefit all of its stakeholders while realizing their goals.
  • Investments must adhere to the laws and regulations of their respective location and comply with international standards.
  • Investments must be aiming to develop environmentally friendly and self-sustainable projects/businesses.
  • Investments must not transgress the philosophy of "Gund Investment" LLC.

Financial policy

To realize its vision and mission,  “Gund Investment” places a high priority on delivering an integrated financial policy to its subsidiary and affiliated companies. This practice ensures comparative, interrelated and structured financial information and cohesive operating practices. Believing that financial statements reflect the real profile of a company, “Gund Investment” aims to be transparent and definite in its recordings by abiding the following principles.

  • Financials of the company must be budgeted, allocated, and used for only activities that are consistent with realizing the company’s commonly shared goal, specifically their vision, and mission.
  • To have metrics to measure cash operation results. To do so, “Gund Investment” produces its financial statements under international accounting standards, GAAPs and conducts internal real-time monitoring and is audited annually by independent auditors.