Roots of the company go back to the 1990s, a  time when a socialist economy collapsed in Mongolia, and the country embraced the free market. In 1991, a group of friends established a small trading company DACO, which later became a mineral consulting company named "Mine Info" LLC in 1996. The company was able to capture business opportunities and advantages offered by the investment boom in the mining industry, which took place in 2004-2007 and become one of the most rapidly expanding and diversifying company in the country. The company adapted holding the structure in 2007 and continued expansion with interest in 17 companies in mining, financial services, real estate, construction material production, fast food and number of other sectors.

In 2016 the company was restructured with a purpose to sort out the increasing complexity caused by rapid expansion and lack of clear strategy shared between shareholders to manage highly diversified activity. Hence, it split into three separate groups of companies, one of which is "Gund investment" LLC. Now the company is owned and run by a family of Mr Dugar who was one of the principal shareholders of the group holding company and currently "Gund investment" LLC holds investments in mining, financial service, real estate, business incubation and system engineering, digitalization services.


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Current Chairman of Gund Investment, CEO of TUSS LLC Mr Dugar founded DACO LLC with his friends


Started and successfully implemented a joint mining project with foreign corporations


Began to provide mineral exploration consultancy services


Initiated and organized “Discover Mongolia”, an international investors forum which has been held every year ever since


Diversified mining operation services in supplying mining tools.


Started investing and operating in the real estate industry


Founded an event organizing company


Founded “MIH Group” LLC and restructured into holding company, diversified its portfolio in mining, real estate, insurance, biotech, and other financial sectors


Started investing in energy efficient construction material production and oil refinery


Established joint venture industrial construction company


Established a joint venture with a global leading corporation in mining industry.


Group’s Chairman became a member of Asia Business Council.


Initiated research projects to fight desertification and drinking water contamination


“Gund Investment” LLC Renewed its investment policy and established a start-up business incubation service providing company.


Jargalsaikhan Dugar


Dugar Jargalsaikhan is the Chairman of Gund Investment LLC, a family-owned investment company established in 2016 as a result of the restructuring of the Mongolian Investment Holding Group. The company is engaged in startup incubation, organization management system engineering, real estate management, financial services, and technology localization. He earned his B.S. degree in mining economics from the Moscow School of Mines and received specialized training at the Colorado School of Mines. 

Before entering the private sector in 2005, he held senior leadership positions in the Mineral Resources Authority, the Ministry of Heavy Industry, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry. His current focus is on the creation of a smart city system model in cooperation with the INCOSE /International Council on Systems Engineering/, the development of digital transformation solutions for social systems, and green projects such as the redevelopment of underdeveloped areas in Ulaanbaatar. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Science and Technology of Mongolia, Founding Chairman of the Young Researchers Support Foundation, a Board Member of the Business Council of Mongolia, and a corporate advisory board member of the International Council on Systems Engineering.


Batireedui Jargalsaikhan

Chief Executive Officer

Jargalsaikhan Bat-Ireedui (Bata) is CEO of Gund Investment LLC, Board Member of Young Researchers Support Foundation NGO, self-taught freelance software developer and also an active supporter of eSports. Bata earned his B.S. degree in business administration from the Institute of Finance and Economics (Mongolia). He is founder of UCD LLC (2007) which started as software development company.

He has gained a diverse experience in different fields before and after he associated with MIH Group covering industries such as real estate, construction, information communication technology, water, mining etc.